RDOS Wildfire Resources

RDOS Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Mt Christie 2020An Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is activated when there is a significant event that includes:

  • Significant number of people at risk
  • Response coordination required because of
    • Large or widespread event
    • Multiple emergency sites
    • Several responding agencies
  • Resource coordination required because of
    • Limited local resources, and
    • Significant need for outside resources
  • Uncertain conditions
    • Possibility of escalation of the event
    • Unknown extent of damage
  • Potential threat to people, property and / or environment
  • Declaration of a State of Local Emergency is made

RDOS Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

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FireSmart Guides

FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual 

Whether you are doing regular yard maintenance or making large scale changes during renovations or landscaping, you can make choices that will help protect your home from wildfire. Download the manual.


FireSmart in Nine Easy Steps

You and your neighbours can reduce wildfire hazards by following simple, preventative steps.


FireSmart Guide to Landscaping

By making strategic choices in your yard, you can create a FireSmart landscape. This guide includes an extensive list of fire-resistant plants plus tips about FireSmart gardening.


FireSmart Evacuation Checklist

Download this last-minute checklist for protecting your home and property from wildfire.


South Okanagan-Similkameen Wildfire Prevention Advisory Working Group

Within the South Okanagan there are a wide range of stakeholders and interests that have varying levels of ability to impact the mitigation and prevention of wildfires. To this end a multi-level governance structure seeks to bring stakeholders together to participate in the dialogue, decision making, and implementation of solutions to mitigate and prevent wildfires.

The South Okanagan-Similkameen Wildfire Prevention Advisory Working Group (SOSWPAWG) is established to assist local authorities and land managers in developing and setting strategic direction for South Okanagan-Similkameen wildfire prevention and mitigation activities. The SOSWPAWG engages in a productive working relationship and/or partnership to influence other stakeholders and initiates actions towards achieving wildfire mitigation and prevention.